Quality, 2018, Practical Chess Beauty, af Yochanan Afek


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På engelsk, 464 sider, udgivet 2018

Løsning af studier er en anerkendt træningsform. I denne bog viser en af de bedste komponister i verden de fineste af hans studier.

En bog fuld af underholdning. Få en bedre fornemmelse for brikkernes kraft i de hundredvis af studier. 

Om forfatteren: IM fra Israel. Stormester i Problemskak, titler i andre grene af skakspillet. I en lang skakkarriere har Afek lavet studier i problemskak, været spiller i klassisk skak, turnerings arrangør, dommer og træner.

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"It is a lengthy work full of ideas and beauty."

GM Jan Timman, New in Chess

"Afek has succeeded in his intention to show the beautiful artistic aspects of chess... And not only that: it also turns out to be an excellent training tool... I knew Afek could compose nice studies; he showed me regularly at tournaments. But I did not know that he had made so many, where each one is even more beautiful than the next."

IM Herman Grooten (full review in Dutch)

"This is one of these books that there should be many more of! The author LOVES chess, and that is clearly evident from nearly every page. Several times, I caught myself thinking: where does all this creativity come from? ... The book is phenomenally entertaining, enlightening, mind-blowing and mind-boggling.

***** (5/5)"

Carsten Hansen, American Chess Magazine

"This is, in my opinion, a must-have book, one of a kind."

Frederic Friedel, ChessBase (full review)

"... there is no doubt in my mind that everybody, either player or composer, who loves 'chess beauty' will enjoy this book very much. It reads like a page-turner novel. Highly recommended!"

Harold van der Heijden, EG

"As a composer, the author is well rounded and knowledgeable about problems (he has composed some most acceptable ones) and on the whole not given to lengthy solutions or dense annotations – many of his compositions are full of cut-and-thrust tactics and he relishes the occasional bombshell. As an annotator he has a delightful, gentle sense of humour and takes care to cut things short when the analysis becomes tedious or irrelevant. Moreover, the book is not all about developing tactics and a sense of beauty; lots of amusing anecdotes crop up as you read – these diversions are useful for a broader appreciation of the game and the art."

David Friedgood, The Problemist

"Beauty is abundant in the hundreds of gems of studies and game fragments by the author, ordered by many terms from practical chess, such as zwischenzugs, perpetual check and underpromotion... Although it is a separate discipline from playing, the club player can still experience many hours of enjoyment and learning."

Bab Wilders, Nederlands Dagblad

"Afek has written other books but you could call this his Magnum Opus"

Johan Hut, Dutch newspaper column

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