Quality, 2013, Grandmaster Repertoire 13, The Open Spanish, af Victor Mikhalevski


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På engelsk, 384 sider, udgivet januar 2013

Her får du 19 dybe kapitler om Åben Spansk.
Åben Spansk opstår efter 1.e4,e5 2.Sf3,Sc6 3.Lb5,a6 4.La4,Sf6 5.0-0 og nu 5.-,Sxe4. 
Dette system bygger for sort på principper om en hurtig og aktiv udvikling, hvor alle muligheder for at tilrive sig initiativet udnyttes. 

Alternativet i spansk er Lukket Spansk - ofte benævnt "den spanske tortur". 
Hvis du gerne vil provokere en hurtig konfrontation i åbningen, så er dette måske et system for dig.

Om forfatteren: 
Israelsk GM. Som så mange andre stærke israelske stormestre er han født i det tidligere Sovjetunionen. Har ry for at være en farlig modstander at møde, med forkærlighed for vilde ofre. Højeste rating har været 2632.

Hvis efternavnet lyder bekendt, så er det fordi han er broder til Alexander Mikhalevski.

Foto af Victor Mikhalevski

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"If cutting-edge theory on an Open Ruy repertoire for Black is what you want, this book provides it admirably. Given the goal the book has set itself, I don't believe the job could have been done better."

IM John Cox, CHESS Magazine

"...I’m sure both white and black players who play the Ruy Lopez regularly will find this an indispensible resource for the coming years.

Perhaps the thing I like most about the Grandmaster Repertoire series [...] is the crystal-clear presentation of the material and the visible dedication and determination with which the authors approach their material, routinely improving and inventing new stuff that’s often not only theoretically relevant but also aesthetically pleasing.

Arne Moll, Chess Vibes (full review)

"Throughout the whole book the reader will find tons of novelties with plenty of new and fresh ideas which will surprise your opponents right in the opening and make sure that you’ll be the one who dictates the game!

I’ll recommend this book for players of all playing strengths, from beginners up to strong Grandmasters.

Rating: ***** (5/5) Highly Recommended!"

Lukas Wedrychowski, (full review)

"This is a serious book offering a deeply analysed repertoire. Club players may be overwhelmed, but strong and experienced tournament players will welcome the depth offered here."

Sean Marsh (full review)

"Ambitious players simply cannot ignore books like this from the Grandmaster Repertoire series. If you meet an opponent - particularly in correspondence chess - who is equipped with this book, while you yourself do not have it, then you are granting him the chance of an advantage from the opening... I can easily recommend this work for purchase."

Uwe Bekemann, www.bdf-fernschachbund.de

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