Russell, 2019, Chess Test: Reinforce Key Skills and Knowledge, af Mark Dvoretsky, paperback

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På engelsk, 208 sider, paperback, udgivet november 2019

Ved sin død efterlod Dvoretsky dette ikke-publicerede værk.
Yusupov har forsynet dette med et meget sigende forord, som vi lader stå alene: 

"Chess Tests offers chessplayers material of very high quality for working on various themes, from training combinative vision to techniques of realizing advantages. I recommend using those materials for in-depth work in the directions mentioned in the book. If you follow this advice, then this volume will become a valuable addition to your chess studies and will help you reinforce skills and knowledge you have already obtained.

And here is probably the most important point. Dvoretsky wanted to write a book that would not only teach some intricacies of chess, but would also be simply a pleasure to read for aficionados of the game, so he tried to amass the ‘tastiest’ of examples here. I hope that this last book by him is going to achieve this, presenting its readers with many chess discoveries and joy of communication with the great coach and author".

Min vurdering af målgruppen:
Den stærke turneringsspiller over 2100 i rating, der tidligeret har studeret eller modtaget træning af Dvoretsky, og som nu behøver ny inspiration.

Om forfatteren: 

Foto af Mark Dvoretsky

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