Gambit, 2004 (2021 udgave), Chess for Children, af Murray Chandler & Helen Milligan


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På engelsk, 112 sider, I stort hard-back format, 21,5 x 28 cm.

Udgivet første gang i 2004, men siden genoptrykt hele 13 gange!
Så der er virkelig tale om en bestseller. Ikke ufortjent får bogen disse ord med: ""...the best book of its type ever published" - fra Peter Connor anmeldelse på

Al forskning viser at skak udvikler børn kreativitet og matematiske regneevner. 
Gør derfor alle skakspillende børn en tjeneste ved at lære dem spillet, så længe deres hjerner - modsat os gamle - er åben for indlæring. Nu får du oven i købet hjælp af to erfarne spillere, der begge arbejder professionelt med skak.

Selvom skakspillet er kompliceret strategi, så tager det ikke lang tid at lære grundreglerne. De bliver forklaret step-by-step, hjulpet på vej af hovedpersonen George´s ynglings alligator Kirsty´s anvisninger:-)

Bogen fremstår meget lære og læsevenligt, i skrift og diagrammer. Alt i alt en rigtig god lærebog om et vigtigt emne.

Min vurdering af målgruppen:
Bogen er velegnet til børn. Helt ned til 4-5 års alderen.

Om forfatterne:
Murray Chandler, stormester fra New Zeeland. Fik hans stormestertitel ved at vinde turneringer i New York og Amsterdam. Under hans 32 år lange professionelle skakkarriere har han deltaget i over 150 internationale turneringer, i 32 forskellige lande. Er herudover ind imellem organisator af skakturneringer. Har også repræsenteret England efter at han blev britisk statsborger i 1980´erne. 

Chandler driver "Murray Chandler´s National Chess Centre" i Auckland, New Zeeland.
Som forfatter har han bl.a. skrevet best-sellere som 
How to Beat Your Dad at Chess og Chess Tactics for Kids. Plus Chess Puzzles for Kids

Foto: Murray Chandler

Dr Helen Milligan er World Chess Federation (FIDE) "woman master" (wfm), og tidligere britisk mester på kvindesiden. Hun har repræsenteret Skotland i 10 "Chess Olympiads", og New Zealand i to.

Hun er ansat på kontoret hos skakforbundet i New Zeeland, og underviser på "Murray Chandler´s National Chess Centre" i Auckland, New Zeeland.

Foto: Dr. Helen Milligan

Oprettet af: ole knudsen

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"...the book is well thought out and can be enjoyed by kids as young as 5." - Lubomir Kavalek, Washington Post

"Chess For Children is attractively produced and user friendly for kids. The diagrams are large and clear and there are cartoons throughout the book that reinforce the subject matter. ... It's a perfect book for younger ones to work on with their parents. Recommended." - John Donaldson

"The whole thing packed into a short story with many pictures - definitely child-oriented! … it seems that the pictures are deliberately left without colour, so that someone with crayons etc can turn it into a real playbook." - Frank Große,

"This is a good book for beginners and novice players of all ages and a useful guide for a parent teaching a child to play."

"The highly professional design of this book commends it for use in chess lessons for beginners" - Dr W. Schweizer, Rochade

"A valuable book for use in chess teaching for beginners!" - Jerzy Konikowski, Fernschach International

"Gambit's production values are extremely high. These three junior books [CfC, Kids, Dad] are all very attractive hardbacks, which should last for years - even in the hands of juniors. In fact, I believe a lot of club players would benefit from reading through the examples of the latter two books." - Sean March,

"Chess for Children, then, is a first step toward the quite attainable goal of what is often referred to as 'chess for fun.' When it comes to fun, there is nothing quite like beating a grown-up at a grown-up game! If chess is still enjoyable some time later, and the child wishes to go further, there are, as I've noted, plenty of books around to follow up with. (As always, check the library first.) Established toddler Grandmasters, U6 World Champions, and elementary school chess team hitmen will likely find Chess for Children too basic - "been there, won that" - and they will need to look elsewhere. Or maybe that's where they started…" - Rick Kennedy,

"Excellent and well done Gambit Books!. We finally get a modern chess book that not only teaches our younger friends how to play chess but is also presented in a way that will enliven the experience and capture their imagination. The book is presented in hardback A4 size which is a great idea when we are hoping that little hands will eagerly grasp this book and learn to play the captivating game of chess. ... I was very impressed upon receiving this book and have since personally recommended it to various friends. The book is suitable for all beginners to the game but is primarily marketed at the younger children perhaps in the age range of 3 to 10yrs of age. Strongly Recommended." - Michael Blake, IECG Newsletter

"...a lucid and extremely enjoyable introduction to chess for novices with no prior experience of the Royal Game." - GM Paul Motwani, The Scotsman

"I have seen countless books on chess aimed at youngsters over the years, but this is probably the nicest introduction I have ever seen, aimed at primary school children." - Alan Sutton, En Passant

"Children are usually very curious and this eye catching chess book with very creative made illustrations from Cindy McCluskey is certainly a very attractive way to learn the first rules of chess. ... A very attractive learning book for children!" - John Elburg, Chess Mail

"This is a kid-friendly book - a great way for kids to learn chess." - Michael Stevenson, NZ Chess