Upgrade "Corr Database" fra 2018 til 2020 edition

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Her får du den nyeste version af Corr Database.

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Chessbase´s egen beskrivelse:

Correspondence games are usually very good – after all, the players can consult computers and engines during the game and correspondence players often have a deep chess understanding and enrich their games with interesting new ideas. Thus, the games are not decided by tactical blunders but by strategic understanding, long-term preparation, and passionate, patient scientific work. It is no surprise that a lot of grandmasters already use correspondence games to prepare their openings. The Correspondence Database 2020 gives you a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating world of correspondence chess and to enrich your opening repertoire with ideas from a wealth of unknown top-class games.

New features of the Correspondence Database 2020:

  • The Correspondence Database enhances usability: a new design and a new menu make access and navigation easier and faster.  The Correspondence Database comes with 10 high-class opening videos from popular ChessBase authors: Simon Williams, Yannick Pelletier, Mihail Marin, Erwin l’Ami, Vidit Gujarathi, Georgios Souleidis, and others.
  • 4 videos by endgame expert GM Karsten Müller provide fascinating insights into the endgame.
  • The Correspondence Database 2020 offers about 140,000 new games. The Corr 2018 had about 1,431,000 games, Corr 2020 has approximately 1,570,000.