Nominerede til: English Chess Federation 2020 Book of the Year Award

NYHED: Nominerede til "English Chess Federation 2020 Book of the Year Award"

Komiteen har netop offentliggjort de nominerede til bedste bog i 2020. Denne pris regnes som den måske mest prestigefyldte i skakkens verden. 

2 af bøgerne her på shoppen er med på listen (de to andre bøger er fra forlag, som vi desværre endnu ikke har forhandleraftaler med)

Omkring Stuart Rachels' The Best I Saw in Chess kommenterede dommerne:

"Rachels was a talented junior playing chess at all levels. His biggest achievement was winning the 1989 USA championship at the age of 20, retiring from chess playing three years later. This lively and fresh book is the story of his experiences during his short career, and covers a wide range of subjects, some deep and profound, others humorous and entertaining. Rachels gives a vivid picture of the chess world before computers. An engaging book to dip into and enjoy its varied content."

Og dette udtalte de om David Smerdon’s The Complete Chess Swindler:

"The title might suggest that Smerdon’s book is just a collection of mishaps and disasters, but the underlying theme is more serious: how players may give themselves chances in the most difficult positions. He covers various chess ideas, but also the importance of understanding the opponent’s state of mind to obtain the appropriate conditions for setting a snare. Smerdon writes exceedingly well, but best of all there are many delicious positions to savour. What entertainment!"

Se de to nominerede bøger her: The Best I Saw in Chess og The Complete Chess Swindler.

Oprettet af: Ole Knudsen