1/2 2021: New In Chess solgt til "Play Magnus Group"!

New In Chess meddeler at aktierne er overtaget af "Play Magnus Group".
Herved kommer selskabet under samme hat som "Chessable" og "Chess24".

New In Chess fortæller at de bevarer fuld redaktionel uafhængighed, og vil fortsætte deres udgivelser af kvalitetsbøger, NewInChess Yearbook og NIC Magazine.

Magnus Carlsen udtaler: "'Bringing New In Chess into the Group is a special moment to me, as I have always looked forward to enjoying the game notes of my fellow grandmasters and studying the historical gems published in New In Chess magazines. I have known the team since early on in my career and am glad that Play Magnus Group will continue the New In Chess legacy and inspire young players of the game for years to come"

Skrevet af: Ole Knudsen