New In Chess´s repertoire serie "My First Chess Opening Repertoire...", af : Vincent Moret

Vincent Moret er fransk skaktræner med rating omkring 2150, der har trænet specielt unge talenter i over 20 år. Flere af hans elever er senere blevet IM og GM. 

Nu har han udgivet 2 meget lovende og roste åbningsbøger for begynderen, der vil videre. Jeg vil mene at bøgerne dækker fra cirka 1100-1700 i rating, og at du skal have spillet i 2 år (i skolen, med forældre/bedsteforældre, i klub) for at få det fulde udbytte af bøgerne.

Oprettet af: Ole Knudsen


IM Dirk Schuh, Rochade Europa Magazine:
"The book has a clear-cut structure. It’s all is about typical aggressive ideas in various opening systems (..) The author presents a healthy mixture of master games and games played by his pupils. He clearly shows frequent errors and motives, and one can’t hardly wait to use this stuff in the next game. Highly recommended for trainers and parents of young talents."

IM Jeremy Silman,
"This book is filled with exciting, tactical lines. While these won’t fool strong players, they will often wipe the beginner opponent off the board. What I like about this book is his copious prose, which gives the reader the history of the moves and the ideas and tactics."

Florian Jacobs, Max Euwe Center Amsterdam:
"Simple systems for White, starting with 1.e4, about which the author explains many ideas, structures and typical manoeuvres using short games that are often played by his pupils. That's why the book is well-suited for young players, but also for older beginners and players with a rating up to 2000 this repertoire is very useful."

Sean Marsh, CHESS Magazine (UK):
"A relatively easy to learn yet reasonably sharp set of lines which could certainly be effective at club level. Time and space are also spent on explaining key middlegame ideas and structures and I found these explanations to be clear and concise (..) Useful test positions are to be found at the end of each chapter. I like these; they are not too difficult, but will definitely help readers increase their understanding of the repertoire."

IM Gary Lane, English Chess Federation Newletter:
"Of course if you have weekends free and a database you might find better innovations on move twenty and prefer highly strategically lines. However, the average player simply cannot remember all the moves and prefers a plan and an understanding of the opening (. .) The openings are aimed at players rated 1200 -1700, with lots of insight on how to play the positions (..) An opening repertoire book that will definitely improve your rating."