Game Changer af Matthew Sadler & Natascha Regan

Den meget roste bog "Game Changer", af Matthew Sadler og Natasha Regan, blev vinder af "FIDE´s Averbakh-Boleslavsky Award" for den bedste bog i 2019.

Vi giver ordet til Artur Jussupow, der her fortæller på vegne af FIDE´s jury:

"First of all, we would like to say that it was a great pleasure to read all the three books of the finalists. Each one was different, and we are sure that all these books will find their happy readers.

After a final vote, we had a clear winner: Game Changer by Matthew Sadler and Natasha Regan (New in Chess), which received two first and one second places in the votation.

Some words about the other shortlisted titles: An excellent quality work by Sam Shankland Small steps 2 Success (Quality Chess) gives many tips for the readers who want to deal with the topics of passed pawns A lot of new material and an exciting author.

The surprising book by Davorin Kuljasevic Beyond Material (New in Chess) unites classical chess literature with fresh ideas and analysis.

"Game Changer" is a unique project that combines human achievements with remarkable development in AI and opens a new approach to our beloved game. We could not choose a more deserving winner for the best book award of 2019."

Kilde: FIDE

Disse ord taler næsten for sig selv.
Kun vil jeg tilføje at bogen også modtog "ECF Book of the Year" for et par månederne siden  / ole knudsen


 Nomineret til FIDE Averbakh-Boleslawsky Award 2019